The Kohler Awning series of motorized solar screens produce an ideal resolution to help relieve any issue caused by the sun. Constructed from the very best quality materials, these shades can be mounted in locations around your home to stop up to 98% of the solar heat rays and provide up to 100% shade…with just the touch of a button! You will still enjoy almost total non-glare visibility from the inside while providing a cool and comfortable environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Solar ShadesAnother great benefit you’ll enjoy from a our solar screen is that during the summer months, your air conditioning costs will be cut dramatically due to the shades ability to keep the heat away from the home. Sun Screens offers a wide variety of trim and fabric colors in order to match your homes exterior and are custom fitted to your meet your sun control needs.

Interior Solar Screens

Operated and installed on the inside, the sleek look of the Eclipse Interior Shade appeals to both architects and interior designers – and the wide selection of fabrics will appeal to the designer in you, too.

Light Duty Interior Solar Shades:

This 3″ unit is available in up to ten feet wide with a maximum down up to nine feet. This light duty option is the best way to economically reduce your cooling costs in addition to reducing glare with style.

Heavy Duty Interior Solar Shades:

Also know as “neighbor jealously maker” this interior solar shade is available in up to twelve foot widths with a maximum down of eleven feet. This beautifully rugged has been used in both high end residential and commercial applications.

Exterior Solar Shades (SRS):

  • Track or Cable hold-downs for hem bar (specific to larger applications and weather safety.)
  • 80%, 90%, 95%, 97% Blocking Anti-Microbial Exterior Fabric.
  • 10 Colors.
  • Custom sizes available up to 20′ x 15′.
  • Available Motorized or Manual Crank & Gear.
  • Available for Patio or Window Applications.

Hardware Colors: Black, Bronze, Brown, Desert Sand, Gray, Green, Tan, Navajo, White, Bright White & Custom Colors Additional.