sattler awning fabricSattler throws a curveball into awning fabric manufacturers. All fabric companies prize style, variety, and quality; Sattler has a refreshingly unusual–even playful–take on style by chasing after what they call the psychology of perception. Sattler is all about color, and they have delved into the most creative places to find colors that match their customers’ whimsy.

Sattler has a traditional history: it was founded in 1875 in Austria. It started as the company of August Sattler, and, 135 years later, it is still a family company and still based in Austria. Its headquarters are in Graz-Thondorf, Austria, and it has manufacturing facilities in both Austria and Germany. Sattler is a respected materials manufacturing company, covering everything from traditional textiles to biogas and liquid storage containers. Sattler is a massive textile manufacturer, producing roughly 20,000,000 square meters of fabric annually.

Sattler Awning fabricSattler appears to be focused on chemical and engineering research and high technology development, but underneath the scientific exterior is a surprisingly imaginative design firm. Sattler hired a psychologist and a host of photographers to photograph and analyze landscapes from around the world, on the assumption that memories and emotional connections are forged to our native soils and histories – and that this connections define our favorite colors. They even study the effect that sunlight coming through fabric has on color and mood. Combining their regional color patterns with a niche element of psychology, Sattler created a talking color kit. Their color kit is an interactive test to identify each individual’s best color palette, which, in turn, helps customers select their ideal Sattler awning fabric.

Sattler fabrics are solution-dyed acrylic, which makes them inherently resistant to mold, rot, stains, fading, and UV damage. Sattler solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are lightweight and breathable, and Kohler Awning stands behind Sattler with a 10 year warranty.